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Life Coaching Business Masterclass

life coaching business masterclass

Most people see life coaching as a higher calling. So they get started by taking certification courses, create a website and social media account, only to be faced with crickets. Transformation Academy’s Life Coaching Business Masterclass gives a better chance to have a successful life coach business. It will keep you from making costly mistakes because it gives you all the critical elements to start a life coach business.

Why Do Some Life Coach Businesses Fail?

According to the SBA, 50 percent of new businesses survive five years, and only 33 percent make it ten years. Some common reason we find that new entrepreneurs include:

  • Lack of proper planning
  • Not understanding their market
  • Insufficient working capital or financial management skills
  • Poor sales

Of course, life coaches face some of the same issues. The wellness industry continues to grow, so it’s very tempting to go straight from training to marketing their new venture. Not doing the proper startup activities or listening to self-proclaimed gurus.

Are You Setting Yourself Up to Fail

The life coaching industry declined in 2020, partially due to the pandemic. However, not all coaches did poorly in the pandemic. You can reduce your risks with the proper skills. The first thing you should do is evaluate your business readiness.

Is This Your First Time Running a Business?

Life coaches answer a divine calling. You are here to help people live up to their desires and empower them in such a way that they spread goodness. Still, life coaching is a business and requires that you understand basic business practices.  

Do You Know Whom You Are Serving?

It’s common to want to help everyone. Except helping everyone means you are reaching no one. Marketing involves communicating your business as if you were talking to one person. Furthermore, consider the clients you love to help and the ones who want help. Everyone can use a life coach, but not everyone is ready for one. Trying to be everything for everyone is a costly mistake.

Do You Understand Your Client’s Problem?

As a life coach, you are a problem solver (but not a problem expert). So, learn how to walk in your client’s shoes. For instance, your client may come to you to help them plan their goals. But you may find through research, surveys, and observations that they work better by seeing their goals one step at a time. The more you understand and respect your audience’s journey, the more success will come your way.

Starting your life coach business without any planning can lead to you having massive wasted time or money. However, you can avoid both with guidance.

What Are the Critical Elements to Running a Life Coach Business

Learning the critical elements for running your coaching business will save you years of unnecessary pain.

Selecting Your Life Coaching Niche

Your life coaching niche is the section of the life coaching industry that you are serving. It is a way you uniquely identify the population you are sharing. They can be divided by elements such as:

  • Area
  • Interest
  • Problem
  • Price
  • Quality
  • Profession
  • Gender
  • Age

Ideal Client

Your market demographics and niche define the characteristics and the number of people interested in your type of service. And your ideal client is someone that needs your product and has the attributes of someone who would do well with your solution.


Strategic planning and execution involve setting your companies goal, creating a roadmap on how to get those goals, and executing the plan. The strategy includes tying together, monitoring, and adjusting both long-term and short-term plans.  

There are tools available to help you through the business startup process. For example, transformation Academy has a masterclass built explicitly for your life coach business.

What Is Transformation Academy’s Life Coaching Business Masterclass?

Transformation Academy’s Business Masterclass is a comprehensive business course to help life coaches roadmap a successful path for their business. It includes six of Transformation Academy’s top-selling business courses. It covers everything from finding your niche to breaking down your goals to daily activities.

Learn How to Find Your Niche With the Life Coaching Business Masterclass

Learn everything you need to know to identify your niche and tribe. This section of the masterclass helps you walk through the steps for:

  • Identifying your life coaching niche
  • Evaluating whether the niche is viable
  • Differentiate your tribe from your clients
  • Define and find your tribe

The Life Coaching Business Masterclass Also Help You Create Your Signature Life Coaching Package

Transformation Academy has great done-for-you life (and straight-to-market) coaching programs that minimize barriers to entering the life coaching market.  But what if you want to create a signature program that aligns with your gift?

The Life Coaching Business Masterclass teaches you how to structure, model, and price your coaching packages.

Learn How to Use Free Sessions or Workshops to Get Free Sessions

If you don’t have a marketing background, developing your marketing plan can seem like an impossible task. This masterclass has a step-by-step action plan to help you get paying clients by offering free sessions. Learn:

  • Various methods of providing free sessions without it feeling salesy
  • How to prequalify clients
  • Techniques to use to structure your complimentary session and build rapport when you speak in front of an audience
  • What to do when its time to transition to your offer and overcome objects
  • To successfully use public speaking engagements and workshops to soft-sell your programs

Forming Business Collaborations

One way to find your clients is to partner with businesses that serve your customers. Learn the different forms of collaborations and approach the other companies that already cater to your client population.

Creating Marketing Strategies That Work

One common frustration from new life coach business owners is that they are not attracting clients.  Learn how to use low-cost and highly effective marketing strategies that work. Receive guidance on creating content, webinars, calls to action, and email copy that convert.

Implementing Your Business Growth Plan

Often we get the pieces, but how do you tie it all together? Learn how to break down your goals and deal with sets back that come your way.

The life coaching business masterclass is five courses in one that handholds you through the process. Don’t let jitters get in your way of doing what you love. Starting a business can be overwhelming, but this online program holds your hand every step of the way, and help is only an email away.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Transformation Academy’s Life Coaching Business Masterclass?

Never feel alone and intimidated again. Transformation Academy gives you lifetime access to the course; they also give you a big community of life coaches ready to support you throughout the process. Plus:

  • Gain access to mentors for free
  • Increase your confidence by networking with other life coaches who can relate to your journey
  • Rid yourself of time-based courses that add pressure to your already business life
  • Enjoy an affordable product with high-quality content

Is the Life Coaching Business Masterclass Right for Me?

This life coach is for newbies and professionals alike. If you are self-motivated and looking for effective strategies known for life coaches, then this program is for you.

Don’t Be the Best Kep Secret In Town

You have a gift to share; don’t let being a new business owner stop you from sharing it.  Register for the course today.