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Professional Life Coach Certification

professional life coach certification

Did you know that life coaching is the second-fastest growing industry? More people choose to control their destiny in a world full of uncertainty, and they need help doing so. Transformation Academy’s Professional Life Coach certification gives you the skills you need to serve your clients.

What Does a Life Coach Do

A life coach works with functioning individuals to work through personal and professional issues. Since there are no institutional mandates for a life coach, anyone can become a coach. Think about the things that your family, friends, and associates come to you for help. Then, you can take that skill and help people achieve goals related to your talent.

However, psychology plays a large part in helping people reach their goals. Expert life coaches understand that clients often need to change their mindset to stop limiting behaviors and thinking.

The Skills You Need to Become a Coach

Transformation Academy’s course structure not only gives you tools to coach clients effectively, but they also coach the coach. Successful coaches:

  • Embraces who they are and what they know
  • Are self-aware
  • Use coaching methods to help their clients succeed
  • Have stellar communication skills
  • Have a series of tools to help their clients
  • Know how to connect with clients
  • Are observant and receptive
  • Have a positive outlook
  • Are great listeners
  • Are problem-solvers and committed
  • Hold their clients accountable

Is a Professional Life Coach Certification Necessary?

You don’t need a life coach certification to become a life coach. Still, it is crucial to go through intensive training, and a reputable certification program is helpful. Anyone can become a life coach because we all have skills or talents that we can use to help other people. Courses like Transformation Academy’s Professional Life Coach certification enable you to get the additional skills you need to help empower others.

Transformation does not believe that you should have to pay pricey fees to become a life coach. With this in mind, they built a business with a vision to democratize knowledge. Therefore, Transformation Academy provides comprehensive certification courses at a fraction of most of its competitors.

Who Is Transformation Academy

Joeel and Natalie, a successful husband and wife team, own and manage Transformation Academy. They have a background in owning businesses, psychology, speaking, writing, photography, marketing, teaching, and coaching to help others pursue their passion as coaches. So, they took their knowledge and built an online school to empower people to help others.

Joeel has a rich background in psychology, while Natalie brings her educational background to the academy. Their vast knowledge and has led them to create a library of niche certification courses. Their school has allowed many people around the world to become life coaches.

Is Transformation Academy Accredited by the International Coach Federation?

Transformation Academy is not linked to International Coach Federation (ICF). Like ICF, Transformation Academy is a private life coach training organization. ICF has made major contributions to the coaching industry by setting standards that the industry follows. Still, there is no governing agency in the industry.

Why Is Transformation Academy So Affordably Priced?

Most coaching organizations like ICF are more costly because certification doesn’t mandate “contact hours.” This means the teacher and student must have real-time engagements. The contact hours are the most costly part of a coaching program. Transformation Academy aims to make training affordable to a larger audience, so they don’t require contact hours.

What Training Does the Professional Life Coach Certification Include?

You can purchase the Professional Life Coach alone or with the Master Life Coach Certification Program. However, with the Master Life Coach certification program, you will get all the skills you need to empower you as a life course. What’s more, this certification teaches you industry best practices and techniques. Thus, each training courses include the tools you’ll need to have a successful career as a coach.

About the Foundations in the Professional Life Coach Certification Course

Life coach training is key, particularly if you do not have a counseling background. You learn the critical difference between coaching and counseling so that you don’t cross a legal boundary. The Professional Life Coach Certification training teaches you the skills, tools, and processes necessary for an expert coach.

Benefits of Enrolling For This Online Certification Course

There are many great professional life coach certification courses out there, so why purchase training from Transformation Academy? Let’s go over some of the perks.

Get the Confidence You Need With the Professional Life Coach Certification Courses

When you are a life coach, you must make sure that your clients feel confident in your abilities. This life coach training program will allow you to learn crucial coaching skills. Learn the basics of starting your coaching practice.


Transformation Academy offers support through:

  • Chat support on their website
  • Email
  • A private Facebook networking group
  • Free mentoring

Life Time Access

Get lifetime access to any course you buy. So, review the lessons as many times as you want and learn at your own pace.

Get Started Today

Start your life coach quest today. Whether you are good in math or retiring and want to share your passion with others—there is a place for you. Transformation Academy’s suite of products combines your expertise with theirs. Start with the fundamentals with the Professional Life Coach Certification course today.